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 I'm not your average Bail Bond Agent

...and I'm extremely proud of it!


"...I'm not your typical Bail Bond Agent but I've been in the business since 2003.  I'm a Parent, married since 1981 & in active ministry over 30 years.  I believe in what I'm doing and consider it a privilege to help those in need!  I believe in the power of prayer and pray for my defendants and their families each day.  I  ask God to guide them and Bless them"

  Listen to the Children...

"Our little grand-daughter knows the difference between "right & wrong"'s a God given gift!  So, what happens when we reach our teens, associate with the wrong crowd and just don't care anymore?  Yes, life can be Hell...but it doesn't have to end Emergency Bail Bonds we will listen to you...we will work with you and your family to get you through the crisis!"


Along with the "Declaration of Independence" and the "US Constitution" we were given the "Bill of Rights" which enumerate the Freedoms we have along with specific "rights" dealing with the Criminal Justice System.  Every American Citizen is guaranteed a "speedy trial"...use of "witnesses" and knowledge of "accusations."  Furthermore, we are given the "right to a Jury trial" along with a fair "bail" &"fines" in lieu of jail.


"We began in Delaware working out of the trunk of our car at the Municipal Court.  In April 2011 we opened our office at 73 N. Sandusky Street...the first 'full service' Bonding Company!"


-- and don't realize how much!

"...Forefathers fought for our freedoms, they enshrined our liberties in the Laws we follow...within the greatest Justice System in the world...we're free to speak, worship & still bear arms...with 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'  We are judged by our peers,'innocent until proven guilty'

...and we can be free on reasonable bond!"  

"With God All Things Are Possible"

- Ohio State Motto

These are the official "standards" given to us by our Government...they reflect the Religious Freedoms our Country was founded upon -- You will find them nowhere else!

"In God We Trust"

- US National Motto

     Michael Kirkland

        Owner & Licensed Agent

Delaware Municipal Court Jail Arraignments are held Monday 9:30am & Tuesday-Friday 10am at the Justice Center, 70 N. Union Street....Inmates are televised from the Jail....Municipal Court bonds can be posted Monday-Friday 8am-2am & limited hours on Saturday & Sunday at the Justice Center/Police Station......Common Pleas bonds can ONLY be posted Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:30pm at the Common Pleas Courthouse, 91 N. Sandusky Street...